Cardston Elementary School

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Cube Creator




Accelerated Reading

Owen & Mzee

Online Reference Centre

National Geographic Kids

Discovery Kids

Grade 4 Wikispace 

Learn Alberta

Arcademic Skill Builder Games 

CBC Kids

Chess Kids 

National Geographic Kids Virtual Library 

Listen to Reading

Raz Kids 



Highlights Kids Stories

Highlights Kids Poems

Storyline Online



Tumble Book Library

Tumble Book Library from Cardston Public Library 

Working with Words

Contraction Game 

Un-Contraction Game 

Where Does the Apostrophe Go? 

Pick the Correct Contraction

Concentration Memory Match 

Animal Hangman Games

Big Cat Letterfall

Speedy Speller Big Cats

Big Cat Word-O-Rama

Spelling City

Amazing Spelling Fleas

Deep Sea Phonics

River Rhyming

Word Frog

Coconut Vowels

Computer Vocabulary

Alphabetical Adventure 

Pirate Spelling 

Travelling Pronouns

Balloon Joining Words 

Must Pop Words

Matching Word Golf 

Alien Punctuation 

Kung-Fu Sentences 

Nouns and Verbs

Cyber-Five Internet Safety

Parts of Speech Asteroids

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Letter Blocks

Parts of Speech Quest

Spelling Bees

Verb Viper

Super Word Toss!

Technology Vocabulary Slider Puzzle

Turtle Dash Vowels

Word Search Creator

Weird and Watery Alphabet

Word Clouds for Kids

Type a Friendly Letter

Wonder Red's Wonder Words Match Up! 

Wonder Red's Freeze Dance Rhyming

Martha's Rhyme Time

Rhyming Games


Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions for Kids

Sentence Surgeons   


Spelling and Grammar

Cloze Reading


Story Units 

Spelling Games

Spelling Central

Vocabulary Games


Sweet 16 Word Madness-A Spelling Game for Kids 

Animated Biographies  

Reading Games

Torture the Teacher

The Semicolon Wars-A Punctuation Game for Kids 

2Learn Write Your Story National Novel Writing Month 



Dad's worksheets 


Interactive clock to tell time 

Music Integration Into Mathematics (multiplication facts songs) 


Sum Dog

Basic Facts

Math Facts Practice

That's a Fact 

Learn Alberta Math Four Raft Race Challenge  

Glowla's Estimation Contraption 

2048 Number Puzzle

Number Pyramid

Adding Decimals

Calendar Game Word Problems

Adding Fractions

Ascending Number Order

Base Ten Fun


Clear It Addition

Comparing Number Values

Connect the Dots

Creature Capture

Division Drag Race

Dolphin Feed

Drop Sum

Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Fraction Fling

Puppy Chase Decimals

Guess the Number

Jet Ski Addition

Learn to Tell Time! 

Marble Drop Addition

Math Bingo 

Math Facts Basketball

Math Lines

Math Man

Math Match

Math Quiz

Measuring with a Ruler

Multiplication Grand Prix

Number Race

Sudoku Math Puzzle

Place Value Hockey

Treefrog Treasure

Mr. Nussbaum

Multiplication Games

E-learning for kids 

Camel Times Tables

Division Mine 

Mathematics Grade 4 Black Gold School Division


Waste and Our World

Wheels and Levers

Building Devices and Vehicles that Move 

Light and Shadows

Spooky Mansion 

Plant Growth and Changes


Learn the Skeletal System

Garden Guru

Explore Alberta's Energy Landscape game  

Social Studies

Alberta: A Sense of the Land 

2Learn Digging for Dinosaurs 

The Stories, Histories, and the People of Alberta

Alberta: Celebrations and Challenges

2Learn Celebrate Western Heritage in Alberta

Latitude and Longitude Map Skills

World Geography



Dance Mat Typing

All the Right Type (ATRT) 

Alpha Munchies Typing Game

Cluttergrams Typing Game

Cup Stack Keyboarding

Keyboard Invasion

Keyboarding Challenge

Keyboarding Chase

Retro Typer Keyboarding

Typing Race

Typing Rocket



2Learn Thanksgiving Enjoy Pages

Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle 


Ghost Typing

Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Halloween Word Search

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Matching

Trick or Treat

2Learn Enjoy Halloween

Creepy, Crawly but Cool

Z is for Zombies

The History of Halloween

Remembrance Day  

Remembrance Day 



100 Snowballs! 

Make a Snowman

A Blocky Christmas

Ball Ornaments Puzzle

Christmas Crossword Puzzle 

Christmas Lights

Christmas Word Search

Civiballs Christmas

Factory Ball Christmas

Sugar, Sugar Christmas

Christmas Tree Light Up!

Reindeer Bounce


Snowline 2

2Learn Christmas Student Interactives

2Learn Enjoy Winter

Groundhog Day 

2Learn Enjoy Groundhog Day 

Valentines Day

2Learn Valentines Day Enjoy Pages

Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle

Valentine's Day Word Search


Dr. Seuss's Birthday 



Saint Patrick's Day

2Learn St. Patrick's Day Enjoy Pages 

St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle

St. Patrick's Day Word Search


Easter Crossword Puzzle

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Word Search

2Learn Celebrating Easter 

2Learn Enjoy Spring

Mother's Day 

2Learn Celebrating Mother's Day 

Father's Day 

2Learn Enjoy Father's Day


2Learn Enjoy Summer 

Strategy Games


The Oregon Trail

Donkey Kong

Bouncing Balls 

Brick Breaker 

Build the Bridge


Civiballs 2

Color Ball Separation

Duck Life

Duck Life 2  

Duck Life 3

Duck Life 4

Flappy Dragon 

Free Kick

Fruit Collection

In Drmzzz 

Just a Trim Please

Little Jane

Me and the Key

Me and the Key 3  

Mini Golf 

Mini Train 

Road Rally

Robo Trobo

Rotate and Roll

Shape Puzzle

Slingshot Challenge  

Snail Bob 2 Logic Puzzle

Sugar Sugar 

Sugar Sugar 2  

Tiny King 

Tower Blocks 

Use Boxmen 

Well Whale 


Wheely 2 

Wheely 3